Dataset Update Dates

An update of the interactive map is carried out once a month. The interactive map will be unavailable from 4pm till approximately 7pm on this day to allow the update to take place.

Please note that not all datasets are updated monthly. To see which datasets have been updated please see below.

The last update was carried out on Wednesday 8th February 2017. 
Updates are planned for the following dates:

  1. Wednesday 8th March
  2. Wednesday 5th April
  3. Wednesday 10th May

Latest Data Updates

Wednesday 8th February 2017:

New Dataset:

Countryside Stewardship Agreement Management Areas (England)

Dataset name changes:

Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (England) has been renamed Nitrate Vulnerable Zones 2013 Designations (England)

The following datasets have been updated:

Biosphere Reserves (England)
Energy Crops Scheme Agreements - 1st Tranche (England)
Energy Crops Scheme Agreements - 2nd Tranche (England)
England Coast Path Coastal Margin
Environment Agency - Water Management Areas (England and Wales)
Environmental Stewardship Agreements (England)
Granted European Protected Species Applications (England)
Important Bird Areas (GB)
Licence Blocks (GB)
Listed Buildings (England)
Local Nature Reserves (England)
National Nature Reserves (England)
National Nature Reserve (Scotland)
Offshore Windfarms (GB)
OS Code-Point with polygons
OS Code-Point with polygons (points)
Protected Wreck Sites (England)
Ramsar Sites (England)
Ramsar Sites (Scotland)
Registered Battlefields (England)
Registered Parks and Gardens (England)
RSPB Reserves (GB)
Scheduled Monuments (England)
Sites of Special Scientific Interest (England)
Sites of Special Scientific Interest (Scotland)
Sites of Special Scientific Interest Units (England)
Special Areas of Conservation (England)
Special Area of Conservation (Scotland)
Special Protection Areas (England)
SSSI Impact Risk Zones – to assess planning applications for likely impacts on SSSIs/SACs/SPAs & Ramsar sites (England)
Well Heads (GB)
Wildlife Enhancement Scheme Agreements (England)
World Heritage Sites (England)

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